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Boyfriend For Hire - The Handyman You Never Had

With a business named "Boyfriend For Hire" you're going to raise a few eyebrows.

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Price: $100/hour

Then you learn the "boyfriend" is really a handyman, hired to do all the housework your husband still hasn't gotten around to. No muss, no fuss, no nagging.

Kemberly Richardson is here with the story.

The company motto is simple - like a boyfriend only better. He won't get mad at you, you don't have to go out to dinner with him or even meet his parents and even still he will always be there for you, take a look.

Dara Praisler is married, has 2 kids and one on the way, so why in the world is she even thinking about a boyfriend?

Dara Praisler, Customer: "I had a really good experience."

So are countless other men and women, including me. We owe it all to this man - Eli Ben-Shoshan.

Eli Ben-Shoshan, Handyman: "This is my pleasure, what I like to do, it's small things in life that make people happy."

Call him a jack of all trades, how about a boyfriend for hire, which happens to be the name of his new company. This self taught handy man will come to your house and...

Eli Ben-Shoshan, Handyman: "We do painting, doors, windows. Hung up pictures, shelves."

Fix broken steps, gates - no job is to small or to big. He admits sometimes people get a little confused about exactly what he does and that leads to a few indecent proposals, which he quickly clears up.

Eli Ben-Shoshan, Handyman: "We're here to take care of business, not that business."

Eli says when customers call, he almost always hears the same thing.

Eli Ben-Shoshan, Handyman: "The woman tells the boyfriend or husband 'listen I need this done.' and husband looks at them like uhh."

Dara's huband Guy - well he tried to put up a curtain rod.

Eli Ben-Shoshan, Handyman: "They kept falling down, my husband tried three times to put up and took out half the sheet rock with it."

So with his stamp of approval, Dara called Eli after all.

Dara Praisler: "I'm not handy either who am I kidding, I can't hang anything."

Which got me thinking, this curtain rod has been sitting in my bedroom for about a month, that is the problem. One end of the curtain rod had separated from the wall, Eli explained why and went to work. Next, that tension rod, I couldn't figure out. No need to when you can hire a boyfriend.

Here's the best part, Eli charges a flat fee of $100 an hour and there's no limit on the number of things he'll do during that time. He's been in business only three months and has already had to hire three other workers to keep up with the work load.

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