We've always gotten prompt, quality service from BFFH.
Fred and Mary Zucker
Spring Street, Soho NY

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Bathroom Repair and Remodeling

From start to finish – from plumbing and installation to all bathroom basics – Boyfriend for Hire is expert at all facets of bathroom repair and remodeling!

Many people make the mistake of overlooking bathrooms when remodeling. If you really think about how much time is spent in the bathroom on a daily basis, this room often becomes just as important as a kitchen or den. You want the bathroom to be as comfortable, functional, and beautiful as possible. Let us handle all your bathroom remodeling needs. If you have bathroom you don’t like, we will change it. If you don’t have your own ideas how to do it, we will help you. BFFH will help you create or design your ultimate bathroom, and will be there every step of the way.

It may sound strange — but bathroom remodeling is a unique way for you to express your individuality and sense of style! And a luxurious master bathroom is more than a simple selling point for today's homeowners…it is a necessity.